Bruh those niggas also stole my fricking five boro cruiser

shoulda had weed ? 

I got jumped by some niggas for selling oregano bruh

no duh?

yo if a nigga call u brodini it all good but all da sudden u be callin dem Sandusky den it aint cool wtf wrong bro

I don’t know what

Quick story I was at da club coolin it , den my mom called n she say "yo where u" den I tell her " yo mom gosh Imma sk8r leave me alone" den she say ohhhh haha such a small world

damn crazy boy 

you are the reason I still skate. for real I used to feel like shit all the time and you made skating look fun again. It'd be sick to skate with you someday. I'm stuck over here in the UK though 😔

thats a really heavy statement but thank you i guess 

bro quick question , if I call u up right now den who ansern , nd don't say da pope cause ion kno dat nigga

if you call me i will answer the phone 

U ruder den I thought

I’m nice though

Man ur skatering hella gay u wanna be Logan lara soooo bad

yo i think you meant to go to this website