You're entirely too perfect. It'd be rad if you weren't so fcking young.

I’m 19 hmu

everyones fucking obsessed with ur pants lol

dumb niggas acting like i started that shit, not even close 

yo how olds Jesse, and wens he goin pro

reall real say word ain’t never told no lie niga say true tol no lie

where do u get ur pants man

dickies outlet

who are the biggest influences in your life

like everyone really, I feel like a lot of people I’ve skated with in the last couple of years have influenced my life a lot for the better

What kind/size dickies do you wear?

30x30 875s jesus

wut kind uv pantz duz you wear cus i wunt to do fluds toooo


what do you think of iggy azalea

my friends met her while I was with them but I didn’t know who that was at the time